JSC Luticara is the logistics company where such qualities as youthful maximalism, competence and professionalism are combined together.  We are a young and brave company. Our  team members have at least four years experience in logistics field. Accordingly, we provide professional and steamlined solutions, operativeness in dealing with various situations, and we are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients.

We are successfully collaborating with German, Austrian, Polish, French, Italian, Slovenian, Swiss and Spanish partners. Our goals are to be flexible and maintain quality in service in every situation, as well as, to make and offer such decisions, which would be suitable and beneficial for both parties.

 We shorten the chain of transportation process by taking the “complicated“ out of transportation management. Also, our flexible attitude and focus on a long-term partnership allows us to create an exceptional service experience for our clients.


  • We are attentive to the expectations and needs of our clients. We always ready to listen to, understand and provide reasonable solutions to our clients.
  • We are not indifferent to the problems the customer is dealing with, we are always there to help; 
  • By focusing on a long-term partnership, we are building a meaningful business relationships which is based on trust, professional customer service, dedicated work. 
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